SUNDAY 2019 TRISTAR Quest Autographed Memorabilia Case Break - Random Letter #1 - Live 12/8/19

$ 109.99 $ 124.99

Spots left: 21

Pursue A Possible Collector's Dream!!  Always Been An Awesome Product!!

Only 75 Cases Made!!  MEGA BOOM after MEGA BOOM!!

Unique Memorabilia Items and Autographs From More Than 175 Legendary Stars!!

Random Letter - 22 Spots (Excluded Letters Q, U, X, Z).  Each Participant will be randomly assigned a letter in the alphabet representing the first letter of the last name of the subject (i.e.  Harrison Ford would go to the letter F).  Subjects with no first name (Pele) or Groups (The Beatles) will go to letter in which the first name or group names begins (i.e. P for Pele and B for the Beatles.


(1) Autographed Item in Every Envelope!

  • ALL Autographs Authenticated by TRISTAR, PSA, JSA or other selected companies!
  • Find randomly-inserted Hot Hits!
  • 40 different styles of Collectible Memorabilia!
  • Over 175 Legendary Stars including