National was a blast - Shipping to be done by Wednesday

A big thank you to all those who stopped by and saw us at the National this past week.  When we set out last year after attending the show in Chicago we really had two major goals (and they were huge goals considering we were virtually still a new breaker at the time).  

The first was to be able to do a break at the Panini Pavilion.  It maybe was a bit unrealistic at the time.  Panini is very selective about who they partner with and there are some really good and credible breakers out there that have been doing this a lot longer than us.  So you can imagine how we felt when we received the news that we would get that opportunity.  It really put a lot of things into perspective for us.  The biggest of which was all the support we had received from our customers to help us get there.  Some of you have been with us from day one and have given us your vote of confidence virtually every week since we started this adventure.   We've had a lot of fun over the past year and a lot of you feel like family to us.  We cannot tell you how appreciative we are to you.    

That brings us to our second goal.  Giving back to those who helped us get there.  We knew that if we were able to achieve our first goal there would be only one reason guys!!!  So the free box breaks, the case giveaway, the Panini silver packs coming back home with us to share with you guys, the Clowney jerseys and a few other surprises we will get to over the next few weeks really are our way of saying thank you.  For those who watched the broadcast of our case giveaway and saw Chris tearing up, that's as real as it can get.  It may have been the best way for you to see how truly thankful we are.

So we are back to normal this week..a little tired, but also finding a renewed energy on what is in store next year for Bomber Breaks.  We are more committed than ever to providing you with the best experience we can and looking forward to continuing this journey.  We truly believe we have one of the best break rooms around and can't say thank you enough.



Chris and Kevin