Who Gets That?

Who Gets That Card or Memorabilia Item? - The Break Pad Rules
Sometimes it's not always clear who gets the card or item launched from a cracked box.  Product manufacturers can mix in just about anything these days.
Here's the Rules for The Break Pad.
Single Team Cards
First, we'll always start with logos or team names printed on the card.  Those are the easy ones.  If necessary, we'll go to a checklist to determine the team if it's not clear (as with Panini BB products sometimes). We will always follow the franchise history for teams as well so Oilers cards to Titans, Browns to Orioles, NY Giants to SF Giants, Senators to Twins, Expos to Nationals, Brooklyn to LA Dodgers, Milwaukee Braves to Atlanta, etc. 
Multi-Team Cards
If more than one team is represented on the card, 51% of the card must be owned by the same person to avoid the randomizer, or owners can agree on a shared deal of some kind.
What If There Is No Team or Checklist to Determine Team(s)?
If there is no team name or checklist with assigned teams for the product (Like many Historic Autographs items), the card goes to the team spot for which he or she played/managed the most games, or the franchise he or she spent the most time affiliated with.
What If a College Item or Card Gets Pulled?
If the card or item displays only a college logo or team name, here's the order of priority:
1. If Active: Player's Current Team
2. If Retired or Inactive/NonRostered: Player's Most Games Played While Active
NOTE: Since checklists these days usually include the pro team for college products and generally aren't edited for future trades, the checklist & who gets that card could differ.  For example, when drafted Trent Richardson was a Brown, once he was traded to Indy, his college cards, in Exquisite for example, would then go to the Colts spot owner.
What About Those Times When Something Gets Pulled Not Assigned By A Spot?
Sometimes, a card or item gets pulled that frankly doesn't fit into a team spot assigned to anyone in a break. Like when a basketball player's auto gets pulled in a football product break, or when a Non-MLB team item gets pulled in a MLB break and nobody is assigned the NonMLB cards.  Here's the order of priority:
1. First thing is double check to see if the checklist notates a team that is assigned to someone in the break. (Product company's checklist always trump GroupBreakChecklist or Cardboard Connection, however we find they almost always match up).
2. When we find the team is not assigned in the break, then the item will be randomized among all participants in that particular group break.  
So We Gotta Random Something, How Do We Do It?
1. We'll use Random.org. If it's offline psychicscience.org is our backup.
2. Each team name gets entered into the list in order from top to bottom or left to right as it appears on the card.
3. We use 3 as our base number of randomizations/clicks.  I then roll a single six-sided dice to determine the number of clicks to add to the 3.  For example, I roll a 4, we click the random button 7 total times. 
4. The card/item goes to the team spot at the Top of the list after the predetermined number of randomizations is reached.
Note: sometimes the computer can get caught up or run slow or we accidentally click too many times...every effort will be made to go back (we've found this to generally work with random.org) or review the video feed, but if we can't clearly determine we reserve the right to start the process over.
Thanks For Checking Out This Page and May Luck Always Be On Your Side!