MUST READ! Giveaways for Special National Convention Breaks Live from Chicago This Week!!

Holy Cow! We will be breaking live from the Breakers Pavilion at the 2015 National Sports Card Convention in Chicago this year! Our booth is #1327 so come see us or just listen for the obnoxiously loud boooooom sounds :)

We've decided to make the trip so we can give back to our awesome collectors in a Big$Hit way! Be sure to secure your spots early so you won't miss out on taking full advantage of our giveaways and extra stuff attached to every one of our special National Breaks.

Breaks have been listed and more could be added soon. All breaks come with 2015 Panini Silver packs but read the break descriptions for quantities for each break.  Silver packs will be shipped with your cards at the conclusion of the show when we return to Cleveland.  Additionally, each spot purchased gets you at least one entry into our prize giveaways for the show.  Again, read the break description for amount of entries per spot purchased for each break. The more spots the better your chances at some sweet stuff!! 

Huge Opportunity JUST ADDED 7/25: One Spot of only 15 in the 1st ever Vintage Break at The National with $40,000 worth of legendary pieces has been added to a Clear Vision break - one of the 90 who buys in WILL WIN something amazing for his or her collection - don't wait to get in on this one!!!

Couple notes before we get to the goodies.  First, for us to get the Silver packs from Panini they have to break the seal of each Panini box in the break.  So we'll do our best to keep it to that, but please understand if Panini gets a little crazy with the rip. Second, if you happen to win one of the larger break credit prizes, it will be allocated as one break and one spot per night until the total amount is used up, so others can join the breaks and we don't go broke!!  Finally, all shipping will be done when we return after the show.  We'll be doing a high volume of breaks in a short period of time and request your patience as we work as fast as we can to get your cards out.

Don't wait to grab your spots as people will be buying spots live at the show!!  If you didn't already notice, we have specially priced these breaks at special national prices (especially our popular mixers).  It's a great way to get the feel of the National if you can't make it out to Chicago.  That said, things can get a little crazy with all the people and if we happen to oversell a break you will be refunded promptly.  Please remember we are at the mercy of the technology there. We expect everything to run smoothly but ask for a little patience if issues arise outside of our assured we won't break anything without the record button rolling.

Thanks for all the support this year!!  We're looking forward to the show and to bringing our little secret on the road for some high energy breaks!!  Feel free to stop by and say hi if you're in town, love to put a face to the names we yell Boom for!

And of course, good luck and special thanks to all those grabbing spots in our breaks.  We wouldn't be "igniting" collectors without our collectors on The Break Pad!  

Now to the giveaways!!

Bomber Breaks 2015 National Giveaways:

Grand Prize: $500 Break Credit (subject to one break and one spot per night)

Second Grand Prize: $250 Break Credit (subject to one break and one spot per night)

Third Grand Prize: Autographed Odell Beckham Jr. Replica Jersey

Other Prizes: $100 Break Credit (2),  $50 Break Credit, Bomber Breaks shirts and hats, hobby boxes, hobby packs, National promo packs, autographed 8x10's.  We tend to find a lot of stuff at the show and get a lot of promo stuff when we are there.  The more we get, the bigger the "Other Prizes" giveaways grow!!

Stay tuned for an updated break schedule and for updates on prizes/breaks, they can always get juicier!

Thanks and please share this page with others!

Oh yes...and most importantly, go HERE to join our National breaks and get in on the action! :-)

Chris and Kevin